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Comprehensive solution that streamlines your cloud operations, provides inventory management, and offers a thorough well-architected review for optimal performance.

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one dashboard.

We recognize the importance of having a unified view of your cloud resources. Our platform enables you to effortlessly collect inventory from multiple AWS accounts and regions, giving you complete visibility and control over your infrastructure

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AWS - Amazon Web Services
View all of your AWS resources in one place with Console-View's all-in-one dashboard.
Microsoft Azure
Console-View's all-in-one dashboard allows you to consolidate your Azure resources for easy management.
Google Cloud Platform
Simplify your GCP management with Console-View's all-in-one dashboard, which gives you a comprehensive view of all your resources.


In today's complex cloud infrastructure landscape, managing and ensuring the optimal performance of multiple AWS accounts is a daunting task. Infrastructure managers struggle to identify security vulnerabilities, optimize costs, maintain performance efficiency, and ensure reliability across their infrastructure. The process often involves writing code in various languages to collect resource inventory and identify issues, leading to significant time and resource investment.

Solution is a breakthrough platform specifically designed to streamline AWS infrastructure management. Our solution provides a unified dashboard that consolidates data from multiple AWS accounts, enabling infrastructure managers to effortlessly identify security, cost, performance, and reliability issues from a single centralized location. By eliminating the need to write code in multiple languages, saves valuable time and resources while providing comprehensive insights.
In today's digital landscape. With, we help you strengthen your cloud security posture by identifying potential vulnerabilities, recommending security best practices, and implementing robust measures to protect your valuable data and assets.
Cost Optimization
Is another crucial aspect of cloud management. Our platform analyzes your cloud spending, identifies cost-saving opportunities, and provides insights to optimize your resource allocation. By leveraging our cost management tools, you can effectively track your cloud expenditure, optimize your infrastructure, and maximize your return on investment.
Enables you to monitor and analyze your cloud performance metrics, identify bottlenecks, and optimize your resources for enhanced scalability and responsiveness
Our platform empowers you to proactively address performance issues, ensuring your applications and services operate smoothly and meet your business demands.
Helps you streamline your operational processes, automate routine tasks, and implement industry best practices. By leveraging our platform, you can enhance your team's productivity, reduce operational overheads, and focus on driving innovation and growth.
Helps you assess your cloud infrastructure's environmental impact, providing insights and recommendations for reducing your carbon footprint. We support you in adopting sustainable practices, optimizing resource usage, and contributing to a greener future.
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STEP 3Create a Role

Create a role in your AWS account with read-only permissions. Refer to the documentation for instructions on creating the role in your AWS account. This role will enable you to access the inventory and findings for all six pillars.

STEP 4Add the Role ARN

Add the Role ARN within Console-View. Copy the role ARN and log in to Click on AWS, then select "Add Account." Enter the AWS Account name and paste the copied role ARN.
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Elastic IP - Key Features and Benefits
1. Unified Infrastructure Inventory: offers a consolidated view of resources across multiple AWS accounts. This eliminates the need for manual login to each account and resource inventory collection, saving significant time and effort.

2. Automated Issue Detection: Our platform employs advanced algorithms and built-in rules to automatically identify security vulnerabilities, cost optimization opportunities, performance bottlenecks, and reliability risks across the infrastructure. This allows infrastructure managers to proactively address these issues and ensure a robust and optimized AWS environment.

3. Comprehensive Insights and Recommendations: provides actionable insights and recommendations to address identified issues. Infrastructure managers can easily access specific recommendations for security enhancements, cost optimization strategies, performance improvements, and reliability measures.

4. Time and Resource Efficiency: By centralizing infrastructure data and automating issue detection, significantly reduces the need for manual code development and resource-intensive analysis. This enables infrastructure managers to efficiently manage multiple AWS accounts and allocate resources more effectively.

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